logoEveryone is welcome here in the name of Jesus Christ, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, religion or lack of religion.

We are a rough and tumble congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ministry, in which Christ is truly tearing down barriers and mixing things up. Jesus welcomes each person exactly as she or he is and we try to do the same. At the corner of 40th and Meridian Christ is bringing and holding together people from different social classes; haves and have nots, privileged and non-privileged, homeless and homed, sophisticated and simple, healthy and unhealthy.  It is common for privileged Christians to engage with non-privileged persons in an attempt to “help” or “serve” them. We contrast that because our GOAL is not to “fix and help” but to simply live together in genuine, albeit messy, community, investing our whole selves in lifting up Christ for our neighbors, inviting them more deeply into the life of God.

Our welcome statement specifically includes gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgendered persons because traditionally they have been overtly excluded by the church. We are a Reconciled in Christ (RIC) congregation.

Gift of Grace was formed as German speaking congregation more than 100 years ago. It was originally located in downtown Seattle and then moved to the Wallingford neighborhood in the late 1940’s, as Zion American Lutheran Church. In 1996 the congregation began making intensional changes to better serve the  whole Wallingford community. In 1997 we changed the name to Gift of Grace.

We try to communicate God’s Word in the language that people can understand. So, our style is kind of funky and laid back, with a touch of humor.

Jesus died to take away our sins not our brains. We encourage rigorous discussions on religion, God, the Bible and Christianity. We debate ethics so that we might learn better how to serve our neighbors. The members of Gift of Grace want to live out God’s intension for their lives and encourage and support others who want to do the same.