Holy Week 2014 at Gift of Grace

Holy Week Schedule
Dear Friends in Christ,
This is Holy Week, which we began Sunday by remembering Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem on a donkey, when the crowds hailed him as king of the Jews and spread their clothes and palm branches on the road like a red carpet to honor him. The mood quickly turned severe, so that the crowds were soon hollering for Jesus’ death.   Our worship continues for the rest of the week as described below. Although attending any one of the services is a fine opportunity to worship, ATTENDING ALL THREE will end up having a profound effect on you, one which might not recognize immediately, but which will occur nevertheless.   MAUNDY THURSDAY Our celebration calls to mind Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples. We will move through the main parts of that “night in which He was betrayed,” including; Holy Communion, foot washing and the stripping of the altar, which leads us into the austerity of Good Friday.  

GOOD FRIDAY – better known as THE TRIUMPH OF THE CROSS A sparse and somber worship, including the reading of the Passion of Jesus, the great Bidding Prayer of the Church and the Adoration of the Cross.    EASTER SUNDAY better known as THE RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD. Our celebration of Christ’s Resurrection blends ancient rites of the Church with current cultural expressions of who we are & who we shall be by God‚s grace. Featuring original music and traditional hymns. Easter celebration begins with breakfast at 9 AM Worship is at 10:30, then GraceFeast brunch is following worship.