Second Annual Wallingford Chili Cook Off – October 4, at Noon!

chiliWe invite you to the Second Annual Wallingford Chili Cook Off hosted by Gift of Grace Lutheran Church at 2102 N. 40th St. (Wallingford) on Sunday Oct. 4, at Noon! Come and eat the best chili in Wallingford or be bold! Enter your best chili and let five judges (local Wallingford restaurant owners/chefs and a Gift of Grace member) taste and select the most delicious chili which we will serve at GraceFeast Sunday Dinners*. The First Prize Winner gets bragging rights and the prestige of his or her chili to be used in the GraceFeast recipe book and rotating menu (We’ll serve it about every 8-9 weeks).

If you do not want to enter a chili then just come and eat a free chili meal. We will serve last year’s Award Winning Scorpion Chili (Winning Cook-Dale Levitzke), along with all the entries for this year. Come, feast, enjoy live music, meet your neighbors and find out who
will be this year’s winner.  *What is GraceFeast? It is a sit down, family style Sunday dinner homemade each week for Wallingford neighbors. Come form genuine community relationships around a delicious meal, prepared free for you.
You will find the “Rules” below (or you may visit but if you have any questions, you may contact Vivian at 206-795-1220.


Contestants may submit your recipe to:

Gift of Grace c/o Wallingford Chili Cook Off  @ 2102 N. 40th St. Seattle, 98103

Or by email to:

The winner of the Chili Cook Off will have the honor of their chili recipe included in the rotational dinner menu for GraceFeast, a weekly Sunday Dinner hosted by Gift of Grace in service to the Wallingford neighborhood. The winner will also be awarded a gift basket with Fair Trade coffee, teas, olive oil and chocolates that are available at Gift of Grace.

  • The submission deadline is Sept. 30, 2015
  • In your submission, please provide a written recipe that would serve 50-60 people (Judges will not see your recipe). Include the cost of this 50-60 servings batch, your name, address and a contact (either email or phone number) so that we may assign a number to your chili submission
  • The cost of the batch of chili (serving 50-60) should be no more that $65
  • On the Chili Cook Off Day, please provide (at least) a 5-6 quart pot (that serves approx. 16)
  • Your chili will need to be prepared off site
  • Deliver your heated chili to the Gift of Grace kitchen on Sunday Oct. 4 no later than 11:30AM (the kitchen is the most Southern door on the East side of the building)
  • Please maintain your anonymity when delivering your chili but have your entry number attached to the container

Definition of Chili:

  • Your chili should not be cost prohibitive (no exotic ingredients that are difficult to access)
  • You may use beans or not
  • It may be made with or without meat
  • You may use red or green chilies and there is no heat restriction (though extremely hot chili may not be appropriate for GraceFeast Dinners)
  • The total cooking and prep time (not including bean soak, if that is your method) should not be more than 4 hours

The chili will also be judged on these qualities

  • Color
  • Aroma
  • Consistency
  • Taste
  • Aftertaste
  • Thrift