Initiating Communications — a letter from Pastor Fecher

September 16th, 2010 by Gift of Grace

The Rev. Jami Fecher, pastor of Gift of Grace Lutheran Church in Wallingford

A note from Pastor Fecher regarding initiating communications regarding the SHARE shelter at Gift of Grace…

Dear Friends and neighbors,

As promised I am (barely) meeting my deadline to communicate with you. This initial communication is purely an effort to set up further communication. The thing we are communicating about is presence of the SHARE shelter at Gift of Grace. At the informational meeting with SHARE last Sunday, hosted at Gift of Grace, among the many thoughts expressed, I am lifting out two things that can help us move forward: 1) an open and broad public forum 2) a team of people who more or less monitor any impact the SHARE shelter is having on the Wallingford neighborhood.

Since there have been many concerns raised there is a lot to sort through. One articulate neighbor suggested that we proceed with public conversations in a two-pronged way, 1) an immediate public forum to hear and understand concerns 2) a forum planned further out that considers how those concerns are addressed after a reasonable period of time, like 6 weeks or so.

I invite you to a public forum this Saturday, 10:30 AM –NOON PM at Mosaic Coffee house the corner of 2nd NE and 44th NE (right behind Dick’s Hamburgers). The coffee shop will not be open, but a staff person will serve us drip coffee. The purpose of the meeting is to hear concerns and understand them and see where we might move from here. Perhaps it would be a time to try to set up the team who would monitor the impact of the SHARE shelter on the neighborhood.

I also invite you to a second follow-up public forum, to be held at Mosaic, Saturday, Oct 23rd, 10:30 AM – NOON. No RSVP’s required for either meeting.

Finally, I left my phone number and email address for anyone who wanted to communicate with me. Some of you have called and/or written and I have responded. Others have not heard back from me. This is not an intended slight. It has simply been a matter of my time constraints. So, please be patient. If you have not heard from me by next Friday, please call me again.

To reach me by email write me at

Pastor Benjamin Fecher (Jami)

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