Thanks for a great celebration!

We had a wonderful celebration on Easter. It was really lively to have all the seats full as we gave thanks to God for raising Jesus and bringing us in on his resurrected life! Many persons work each week to help this congregation worship. For Easter we take note that Kristie, Harold, Dale, Alex, Debra and others worked to make the pre-service breakfast and post service GraceFeast yummy affairs. The musicians worked hard to pull together an eclectic variety of music. Anonymous someones brought plants and flowers so the place was beautiful. (by the way, those flowers need to be thrown out and the plants planted. Could someone please do that?)

Last week we received money from a grant we wrote… a long time ago, $2000! The grant money is to help defray the cost of GraceFeast! Special thanks goes to Vivian and Laurin who primarily wrote the grant and to friends, Linda Fecher, Mary Reardon and Alex Ladaku who wrote personal testimonies to the value of GraceFeast for them.

Pastor Fecher will be “swapping pulpits” with Pastor Scott Kramer of Lakeridge Lutheran. It might sound illicite but it really isn’t. Fecher preaches at Lakeridge and Kramer preaches at GoG. The swap will happen May 6th. The purpose is to allow GoG to get to know a ministry neighbor in south Seattle and to allow Lakeridge Lutheran get to know GoG!

On May 20, Kira Elliot will preach and lead worship at GoG. Pastor Fecher will be in Berkeley for the seminary graduation of Valerie Carlson. Valerie is the 5th person to graduate from seminary, for whom GoG has been the sending congregation.

God has made us a rich congregation with a rich ministry. Let’s give heart felt thanks together that we are allowed to participate in God’s work on the corner of 40th and Meridian!