Cool Farm News




I put all the hens to work. Yesterday I put the big red hens in the tractor and in 2 hours they had laid 2 eggs! I guess they were happy. 














The seeds are bursting!




What’s up? collard greens, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes, bok choy, & kale.

What’s NOT up? Onions, peppers, mustard, & kohlrabi.




Here’s a wonderful surprise: mustard is growing voluntarily just outside the church door.

In this picture it is the larger clubs of green, (which I marked in red). While the leaves are babies they are mild, but as they get larger they become spicier. Pick some baby leaves for your GraceFeast salad or to take home. If you do pick some, pick the largest leaves from each plant. It will help it generate more leaves. You can even pick most of the leaves from each plant, but don’t pick them all or it might die.