Sharing our space with a mission start: Refuge Church

Beginning now, Refuge Church, a Seventh Day Adventist mission congregation, will be using our building for worship on Saturdays. For the first 4 months (January – April) they will be worshipping only once per month as they ramp up to every Saturday worship.
This congregation is being started by Kenneth Geraldo Martinez and his wife Addi. Here is how Kenneth describes their mission:
“…to plant a contemporary church that preaches the gospel of Jesus in a way that is relevant to people that has Hispanic roots but also is immersed in American culture. This group is rarely reached by the indigenous communities in the area (e. g. Adventist churches that speak Spanish and are a bit old-fashioned and liturgical)…”
“Our church has a heart for immigrants. Although less defined, we want to look for options in which we can help immigrants and refugees: fundraisings, food banks, meals, etc. We are doing research on the best opportunities but having a building in which we can store things and host events will be really helpful.”
To learn more about Seventh Day Adventists as a denomination follow this link:
Gift of Grace is blessed by God and by the faithful stewards who came before us, because they have provided us a wonderful property to help us lift up Christ to the neighborhood and world. We are delighted to welcome Refuge church into this space and excited about how we can encourage and promote their service in Christ’s name.
When we consider sharing Gift of Grace space finances are a consideration, but second to our obligation and desire to be of service. We are not in the landlord business. Nevertheless, we are grateful when “rent” from others helps defray the costs of the mission to which we are already dedicated. We had this joyful experience with Grace Gospel Chapel and now we anticipate it again with Refuge Church. They are making a good offering that will help.
So rejoice and pray:
Gracious God, scripture tells us to “…welcome one another… just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” (Ro 15:7). Grant us grace to welcome Refuge Church in the fullest sense, in order to glorify you through Christ of Lord. Amen.
Follow this link to see General Principles for Stewarding the Building and Property