Inner thoughts exposed. Sermon Christmas 1, 2017. Luke 2:22-40

While the world goes on with business as usual, utterly undisturbed in its normalcy, while Mary & Joseph go through their simple obedience to God and community, the whole realm of God, all the angels, spiritual powers, & all creation is beside itself with praise & thanksgiving at what God has done & is doing in this little baby. Only Simeon and Anna, see it. In God’s freedom, God works below the radar and reveals wonders only to the those whom God chooses, the least: not the most, the strong, the well-disciplined or well-intentioned. Only the least. How offensive this is. It empties us. It exposes the inner thoughts of our hearts. If there is faith in the heart it will cling to God’s Promise regardless of what is exposed. If not, well… teeth gnashing futility.

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