Down with Supremacy! Up with Nativity! Christmas Eve Sermon 2017, Luke 2

God does not want you to know God as the Supreme Being. God wants you to know God as the human baby who grew up to be the human adult, Jesus Christ, whose entire mission in life was to honor his heavenly Father by loving & serving needy people like you & me, even to the point of his forsaken death on the cross. God wants to be known in this way & in no other way. This, & none other is your Savior God, & the Savior of the world. This God is not content to remain distant from you but comes to you as the Savior of the last, the lost, the least, the little and the dead.(Robert Capon) Christ meets you there as your neighbor who is in these circumstances. Serve! Christ meets you there as your Savior when you are in these circumstances. Receive! 

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