How we pray the “Prayers of the Church” and why they might be boring.


art by Jocelyn Skillman

We pray Prayers of the Church or intercessory prayers, each Sunday following the offering and before Holy Communion.   

Without God to teach us, we would simply pray our own banal and circumstantial desires: prayers which God will graciously ignore! (James 4:3) Christ changes our desires and directs us to what we ought to desire (Matthew 6:5-14).

So the prayers in our public worship serve the twofold purpose of praying for the thing we desire and for teaching our hearts what we ought to desire most deeply.

The “Prayers of the Church” are a liturgical act. That is, we are representing the deepest concerns of the communion of saints, not only our personal, local, or circumstantial concerns that seem most urgent and interesting.

Follow this link to see the petitions we are currently praying in our worship along with some explanations. The petitions appear in italics, with explanations in smaller regular print, to the right. I invite you to join in praying with us for these concerns.