Gift of Grace receives SO many gifts from our neighbors!

Karla’s 2017 photo of our hen with her egg in the crotch of our cedar tree.

Making friends with neighbors and simply being in relationship with them here and now is a way of lifting up Christ for our neighbors. True relationship means humbly and gratefully receiving the gifts our neighbor offers. Gift of Grace receives SO many gifts from our neighbors!

Our nearest neighbor Karla Meursing, is a dear friend to Gift of Grace who has been quietly supporting Gift of Grace projects for several years. She has been most involved with the chicken project. She LOVES the chickens. In addition to having her own flock, she helps take care of ours every single day, feeding and watering them and generally keeping an eye on them.

Karla is an artist. So, she makes art out of her chicken interactions and shares it with us. Here are some art projects she has shared with us. Give thanks to God for Karla and the gifts she freely shares with Gift of Grace.

When we first got chickens Karla was taking an online art class. She befriended an artist in Germany, Saskia Elze, and told her all about the chickens and their adventures. This led to the creation of this book, based on actual chicken events: The True Story of Blackface’s Night Out.  

Saskia drew the pictures and wrote the story. Then sent them to Karla via the internet. One of Karla’s art forms is book binding. So she printed the pictures out and created them into a book.  Some of the pictures show her binding work. 

By the way, to honor Saskia Elze’s work please note: pictures and story are copyrighted.


In a little henhouse there lived four hens and a rooster.
The biggest hen was called Big Red Bertha.
The rooster’s name was Cocky.
He was very young and a dashing and all the hens had a crush on him,
most of all Blackface, the smallest hen

One evening Big Red Bertha hissed menacingly at Little Blackface,
“You’re too small and ugly. Cocky will never like you!
And he won’t find worms for you anymore either.
You’d better leave before he throws you out.”

Blackface was devastated and ran out of the henhouse.
She didn’t see where she was going and she felt all alone

Night fell. It was cold and Blackface didn’t know what to do.
She cried big, hot tears and it seemed
like no one in the world loved her.

Suddenly she heard a familiar voice calling her name.
It was Cocky and he had been looking for her all over
because he liked her best all hens.

When Blackface realized that he liked her she was overjoyed!
Together they went back to the henhouse.
They sat down on the roost side-by-side
and huddled against each other.

Big Red Bertha was furious that her plan hadn’t worked.
Cocky was very cross with her
and didn’t give her a single worm for a whole month.
Little Blackface stayed with him and never ran away again.

(The End)

Karla’s binding!


Karla’s drawing of the building and food forest from Summer 2017