New hens and new friends

Beloved in Christ,
I am writing to celebrate with you the arrival of 2 new hens, joining our other 4 hens. The best part of getting these new hens is that they were given to us by a neighbor family. One of the main reason for having Gift of Grace Urban Farm, of which the chickens are a part, is to encourage interaction with our neighbors. So, we give thanks to God for Nancy

Adams Treder and family for gifting us these hens. We can also give thanks for Molly Donavan and those who manage to the FaceBook page “Buy Nothing: Wallingford.” This page is dedicated to helping neighbors gift things they would otherwise toss out, as well as being a platform for letting neighbors know about items you might need in the event the someone can gift it to you instead any of us buying MORE STUFF!  Nancy posted her hens on the page. I saw the post and we connected. Before calling me, she read most of our website to learn who we are.

We also received this lovely table for Little Castle Preschool from the “Buy Nothing: Wallingford.” page!
In more chicken news, about a month ago a band of marauding raccoons attacked our next-door neighbor Karla’s coop, killing about 8 hens. A few nights later they attacked our coop and killed all Karl’s chicks.The chicks were in our front coop pending their transition to Karla’s back yard with her other hens.
We discovered how the coons got in our front coop and solved that issue. The next night or so they attacked our coop again and this time got in the back coop, killing one of our hens before Karla heard the ruckus and come to the defense of our remaining hens.
How that coon got in our back coop remains a mystery. We went over every inch of it and could not find a point of entry. We nevertheless fortified the coops. Since then we have had no more coon visits that we know of. We hope it stays that way.