Refurbished sign

Beloved Friends,
Rejoice with me that a mundane but very important task was accomplished with gusto! Wendy Berry, Pat Fritz, and Dietrich Biemiller, sanded and vanished our beautiful wooden sign that stands on the corner of 40th and Meridian. This sign has not had this much love for many years and it was in need. It has stood at its post faithfully for about 20 years, inviting the neighbors to worship. 
Now that it is sanded and varnished, the wood grain stands out remarkably, reminding me of when it arrived from Ecuador all those years ago. At that time Gretchen Cohan sketched a picture for the sign on a regular piece of 8 ½” X 11” copy paper. The paper was taken to a village of wood carvers in Ecuador and a few months later the sign arrived here. It looks exactly as Gretchen sketched it… except bigger… and wooden. The sign was paid for by the Northwest Washington Synod. Thanks be to God for all the hands that brought this sign to us. And thank
s be to God for the willingness of Pat, Wendy and Dietrich to steward this valuable tool for lifting up Christ.
Peace and power to you from Christ,
Pastor Jami Fecher  
BEFORE                                                                        AFTER

BEFORE                                                                                                AFTER