Send financial relief to the Mexican hometown of 2 pastors in our synod — damaged by the earthquake.

Beloved Friends in Christ,

With all the natural disasters in the past month there is a great need to share extra money with the victims. 3 Hurricanes and an earthquake. I have sent a small amount of money through the ELCA disaster relief for each event and I encourage you to also send some money. I know there are ELCA people on the ground, people whom the ELCA has sent these areas, who live there and who know what relief is needed. I also know they have only the goal of providing proper relief. The most recent earthquake in Mexico has caused terrible damage to the hometown of 2 pastors serving in this synod: Pastor Esau Cuevas (who has worked with Pastor Kari Reiten) and Pastor Emilio Benitez. We have the opportunity to provide direct financial support to the people of their hometown. Please do so now. Your offering is matched dollar for dollar.
Relief often goes to the big cities. This appeal is for support that will be used for assistance in Jojutla (our pastors’ hometown).  All funds will go to Lutheran Disaster Response, who is working with its Mexico partner AMEXTRA. You can give following this link (
Or you can send a check to the address below and the synod will send a big fat check from all the money sent.  Make a check payable to “NW WA Synod.” On the memo line, write “Mexican Earthquake.” Send to:

Northwest Washington Synod
5519 Phinney Ave. North
Seattle, WA 98103
Here is a link that tells about the damage of the quake in Jojutla.
Peace and power to you from Christ
Pastor Jami Fecher.