Monthly Archives: February 2013

GraceFeast Sabbath Rest

Dear Friends in Christ,
Sabbath Rest is one of Gift of Grace’s stated values. Not just rest, Sabbath rest. Rest for the sake of listening to God’s Word. The GraceFeast team is going to take a Sabbath rest for a few weeks beginning February 17th. There will be no GraceFeast from February 17th until Easter. On Easter we intend to have our typical pre-worship breakfast and post-worship Easter Feast. We will probably begin having GraceFeast regularly then. I say, “probably”, not to be tentative or vague, but to communicate that we will remain open to God’s leading. After all, the point to our Sabbath rest is to have space to discern how God is leading us to continue GraceFeast, what the shape of it can be and how to best foster the atmosphere of community thanksgiving to God for God’s bounty to us. That’s what GraceFeast is. We cannot rush the process.
Why are we doing this now? Because GraceFeast has slowly, unintentionally, crept away from it’s purpose. The purpose is to be a celebrative feast that includes folks from the spectrum of socio-economic circumstances. It is to be a safe, orderly, joyful place that allows people to come together in a way that they would not normally do. Currently the atmosphere is more like a soup kitchen, or a free “feed”. The GraceFeast team does not have the energy to both make the administrative adjustments that will get us back to our purpose and keep making the feast happen each week. So Lent, which  starts 2/13, is a good time to take a holy time-out, pray, listen and regroup.
Please offer your prayers of thanksgiving to God for the wonderful opportunity Gift of Grace has to serve our neighbors, to lift up Christ, in such a unique way as GraceFeast is. Pray, also, for clarity as we enter this time of discernment.