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This is a letter I sent to several officials regarding SHARE:

I am writing to encourage you help SHARE continue to do their mission of keeping homeless people together, sheltered and safe. It is well known they provide the largest number of beds for the lowest cost in King County. Although they certainly provide social services SHARE is not a social service agency, but a self-help group of homeless and formerly homeless persons dedicated to supporting persons experiencing homelessness.

Our congregation has benefitted greatly from SHARE in the ten years we have hosted an indoor shelter at our church. Although SHARE has an entirely different mission from ours they have helped us steward the resource of our property so that we can more fully do the ministry that is our main mission. SHARE makes it possible for us and many other host churches to participate in aiding persons we otherwise would not have the means to aid. In addition, the persons of SHARE have taught our congregation how to be more respectful to those whose life situation is radically different from ours. The lesson was not pleasant for us to learn, but SHARE taught us by remaining true to their own values and priorities while encouraging us to clarify and remain true to ours. They did it with a humble, patient, tenacity which we sometimes mistook for obstinance, not realizing the obstacles with which they were already coping.

From my viewpoint the social good SHARE provides King County far outweighs whatever criticisms might be rightly made of SHARE (since none of us are above criticism or beyond improvement). SHARE is transparent in its goals and remains steadfast to them. In light of the crisis of the sheer numbers of our people in King County experiencing homeless right now, today, I encourage you to use your influence to immediately clear the way for SHARE to get the relatively small funding it needs to do the job to which it is dedicated, to which it has remained faithful for more than 20 years and which has proved already to be a profound success.

Pastor Jami Fecher
Gift of Grace Lutheran Church
2102 N 40th street
Seattle, WA 98103