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Pentecost 11 Sermon 2017

The Canaanite woman symbolizes the epitome of spiritual poverty. Christ and the Gospel are entirely for the poor. This is what she sees in Christ and why he calls her faith great. I got the thoughts for this sermon from Luther’s sermon on the same text for Lent 2.

Pentecost 11 sermon Matthew 15:21-28

  • In today’s story, Jesus acts nothing like we expect him to act.
  • He seems nothing like a Savior.
  • He presents himself as unresponsive & cold,
    • perhaps even cruel.
  • It is not true that he is unresponsive or cold or cruel or rejecting or aloof.
  • But he acts like it in this story.
  • This is for our benefit,
    • because this is a common experience.
  • It might be your experience.

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Sermon from Sunday July 10

I do not preach politics or sociology because it is not the Gospel. It is the context for the Gospel. The reason Christ created the church & sent it into the world is to carry God’s good news into the world.  The circumstances of the world are the context into which Christ comes with his mercy, forgiveness & reconciliation.

All your paths, O Lord, are steadfast love and faithfulness Psalm 25:10

In other words, everything about you O Lord is steadfast love & utterly reliable faithfulness. Regardless of context!

The cross of Jesus Christ  is God’s steadfast love & utterly reliable faithfulness.

And it is exactly FOR the context of this world.

The church’s job; my job as a Christian; your job as a Christian  is to BRING the good news of Christ’s cross, — bodily, personally-­ into every circumstance of the world.

If you do not know what that means or how to understand it, don’t panic & don’t give up.

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